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May Special

Mama & Me Sessions

As a mother, I know, first hand, that mothers have two general positions when it comes to photography. The first is that we are the ones most often capturing the family memories. Whether we have our smart phone camera or a professional DSLR, we’re the ones documenting our family life so we can both revel in the memories and share them with those we love.

The other position is one of hiding from being photographed ourselves. I don’t know a mom who doesn’t have a host of reasons why they can’t step in front of the camera, myself included. We’re wearing our mom pants. We don’t have makeup on. We need to loose (X) pounds. Or we simply just don’t like ourselves in that moment.

Here’s a bit of magical thinking that us mothers need to embrace. Our children love us. They don’t care that we didn’t brush our hair, don’t go to the gym, are wearing yesterday’s yoga pants, hate the way we look or feel in pictures. Our children are under a spell of wonder and don’t see our flaws. They love to squish up against our soft parts as it makes them feel warm and safe. They dance in our laughter. They think our crazy hair is beautiful and our smiles make them smile, too.

Moms, we’re the ones judging us. We’re the ones saying we’re not worthy. In the years to come, our kids just want to have memories to hold. They want to see the tiny versions of themselves alongside their ever so precious mommy. They are not going to look at an image and judge us. They are going to look at an image and remember how much they love us and us them.

So, I invite you, Mom, to celebrate Mother’s Day with a photo session with you and your children. I also invite those of you who still have your moms in your lives to consider having a photo session celebrating you and your mom. We all know time only ever marches forward. I invite you to put aside the litany of reasons why you can’t be photographed now, and spend an hour with me and your most precious loves celebrating one of the most powerful relationships in nature: the bond between mother and child.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m offering Mama & Me sessions through the entirety of May for an all-inclusive price of $200. Sessions can be done on location or in studio. To request further details, or to schedule your session, please visit http://thenakedartisan.com/contact.html




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